Christmas time !

Christmas time is a strategic stake for every brand. This is why each year, Penhaligon’s challenge jkr to create a Christmas collection that breaks with convention, stands out from the crowd and reflects the eccentric personality of the brand.

” The Victorian birdcages and mechanical songbirds were directly inspired by the musical theme that Penhaligon’s briefed us to express. Every detail was designed to make the boxes feel unique and unforgettable – from the opulent colours and intricate illustrations of the songbirds, to the embossed finishes on the tin. As ever, the ambition was to create something truly special that would have a place in people’s homes for years to come.”  Daniela Nunzi-Mihranian, creative director, jkr.

So British, trully different, I think those boxes are really coherent for a brand that conveys elegance and originality.

jkr-Penhaligons-1 jkr-Penhaligons-2-v2 jkr-Penhaligons-3-v2



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