Sofia Design Week 2013

Sofia design week is an international festival for design and visual art in Bulgaria.

This beautiful identity has been created by FourPlus a design studio from Berlin and Sofia.

6bbb9e0cd10a88898a9ed2e898dd209b 2ebf05cd10d871ee5a583690fd5cfc64 7265fc1d2379b216d21c6e4565616bd8 1e90b84782c2390b556895a7d2365b3b 3e31ab23aec5fcf1cdd515574216c273 d79aa5e2e085ec70d02f0dda62675a36 c90b674d9c847a25d51fe49fc823265c 61608466ff543578fc5e0ffef37f3113 d7f5f13caafb046a2d46487321a708e0 6967c164fbc4d5b8c92de01f106085dd 34593a95e52cc9c81e2a8b133fc81cde fb4e9b6efcf74fac34558442412dfe85


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