Good packaging of the week #2

Beautiful chocolate box and branding by Eszter Laki for 21 Days.

4d158db5de40ef142dd2b1bd84934a86 7fd005b26527308e465626cdd74e66b6 41cf385004990f8a459b4886d739aa89 50404189117440ee14482f54d6c9bc77 f612d5a107149a5aabd4c757a7799df7

Sabadi’s Sicula Terra by Happycentro

11_26_13_SiculaTerra_2 11_26_13_SiculaTerra_3 11_26_13_SiculaTerra_4 11_26_13_SiculaTerra_13 11_26_13_SiculaTerra_11

Cute Cadbury Xmas packagings by Pearlfisher

cadbury-xmas-03 cadbury-xmas-04 cadbury-xmas-02 cadbury-xmas-01

Hubbards originals muesli range by Coats

hubbards-00 hubbards-01

Knorr sauces and exotic flavors by R Design

knorrsauce2 copie knorrexotics

Stoneyfield Natural by Pearlfisher NYC



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