Arnott’s rebranding

Founded in 1865, Arnott’s is one of Australia’s oldest brands. The objective was to update the packaging by dialling up quality cues whilst preserving the brand equity.

The rebranding was directed by Bluemarlin

The task was also to create an architecture that united the brand, whilst also offering flexibility for its ranges to show each biscuit’s characteristics.

Arnott’s iconic Mexican parrot has become a more friendly and engaging mascot with its face turned forward.

Placing the brand marque’s quirky typography in a distinct holding shape has strengthened its presence on pack.

The final design touch, a sweeping ‘flight of fancy’ wave, connects all elements of the pack while reaffirming the naturalness of Arnott’s biscuits.

The new design also reduced the number of colours on pack, creating a simpler look that lifts the overall sense of quality, while also providing Arnott’s with significant savings.

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