Exploring the limits of 3D printing

I had once the pleasure to contemplate one of Joshua Harker ‘s 3D printed skulls. I was fascinated by its precision and its finesse.

One step forward into the artist world, Joshua Harker has created a complete headdress inspired by traditionnal native american/latine/indian ritual clothing.

This piece celebrates the symbolism & ceremony of human adornment.  Revealing the wearer’s identity, the face mask hangs in position as a floating bodice symbolizing the freedom of the spirit from the body.

Quixotic-Divinity-_down-position_lores Quixotic-Divinity-_up-position_lores Quixotic-Divinity-_side-view-up_lores Quixotic-Divinity-_oblique-view1_lores quioxtic-divinity-finale_lores Joshua-Harker-Quixotic-Divinity-13_lores Joshua-Harker-Quixotic-Divinity-07_lores Joshua-Harker-Quixotic-Divinity-04_lores quixotic-divinity_8_lores


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